People Development Excellence

Our People Development Excellence programmes aim to:

  • Build capacity within the workplace for every individual;
  • Increase performance of individuals and departments; and
  • Meet the organisational needs in line with the organisation goals.

People Dynamics designs each of these programmes according to your needs and your industry. From mining to corporate business, the people development training you receive is unique to your service offering and your staff development requirements.

Each programme creates the opportunity for individuals to be reliable, flexible, disciplined, energised and show passion for their work.

People Development Excellence offers development for:

  • General workforce, improving overall performance and efficiency
  • First line managers
  • Middle managers
  • Senior managers

The success of our organisational development for your business lies in people development excellence through staff development courses.


Our courses cover aspects of the following skills according to your needs:


Communication Skills

  • We will help your team create opportunities to connect with each other and recognise different styles of communication.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Building an understanding of the link between emotion and performance.

The Human Factor

  • Building an effective team.
  • Playing to your strengths and limiting weaknesses.

Leadership Mastery

  • Understanding the science of leadership
  • Understanding the vision you are working with.

Planning and Organisation Skills

  • Understanding the parts of planning and what needs to be considered.
  • Knowing how to plan strategically.
  • Aligning planning with organisational development.

Change and Diversity Management

  • Create an understanding of why change management is important.
  • Identify reasons for resistance to change.
  • Identify the risks in any change management process and how to manage these risks.
  • Stress and money management.
  • Work ethics.
  • Resolving conflict.
  • Relationship management.

Knights of the Round Table

One key programme in our employee development is Knights of the Round Table, which is a development programme which helps individuals:

  • Learn the attitude of acceptance of self and others.
  • Understand the role that dependability has.
  • Develop initiative and interpersonal skills.

Master the characteristics of an ethical person and worker


A Rainmaker is known for achieving excellent results in his or her given field.

The objectives of the Rainmaker initiative are to:

  • Understand and implement the attitudes a rainmaker lives by.
  • Focus on high potential areas.
  • Develop an effective plan.
  • Identify and harness what your most valuable assets are.
  • Listen then talk.
  • Understand the concept of grit.


All courses can be broken up into three hour sessions to lessen the impact on production but essentially, every programme is designed around you and can be delivered according to your needs.