Training Through Coaching

Professional business coaching

Training through coaching is our professional business coaching programme that assists corporates in training and developing employees. Our coaching for development assists individuals to increase performance and improve productivity, efficiency and engagement.

Coaching and mentoring is crucial to helping individuals integrate what they learn in training with what they do at work. The methodology we use has been honed over years and is an effective way to improve skills transfer and the implementation of new techniques.

Our methodology follows a simple framework:

  • Coachee, with assistance from the coach and direction from the organisation decide on the outcomes. What does the individual and business want to achieve?
  • After understanding the outcomes, we determine the content and time frame of the programme.
  • We formalise the programme with an action and implementation plan.
This framework creates the space required for learning to be internalised and new neuropathways to be formed.

Training through coaching assists in:

Improved organisational performance and productivity.

The fuller use of an individual talent/potential.

The commitment to people and their development.

Increased creativity, learning and knowledge.

Motivating people.

Facilitating a culture of learning and sharing.

Improved relationships between people and departments.

Improve your organisation’s performance and productivity today!

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