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Build skill through coaching

Cultivating a growth mindset in your company will only lead to good things. People want to learn.  They want to discover knew things. They want to be good at their jobs. (Well, most of us at least!) and they work for groups or individuals alike.

Our training through coaching offers these opportunities:

  • Build skill within your company and improve performance and productivity
  • Create capacity and the fuller use of individual talent
  • Discover hidden gems of talent
  • Nurture better humans – because they will make better leaders, team players and overall, strive to be the best they can.
  • Strive for a culture of learning and sharing
  • Improved relationships between people and departments

The training through coaching model gives you 2-to-3-hour sessions spread over a few weeks to teach skills, knowledge and attitude.

  • Very little down time at work
  • Actions between sessions to reinforce the learning
  • Time between sessions to experiment and course correct
  • Valuable feedback to help each participant get the most from the training

1-on-1 Coaching for Performance

One of your team may need some extra support like working on communication, discipline, time management, delivery of outcomes, being a better team player, building their capacity or maybe you have a staff member that is earmarked for great things and starting a journey on a development pathway. Our 1-on-1 performance coaching service targets your unique needs.

Whether it is for:

individual development plans,
team building,
communication skills,
time management,
customer service,
project management,
mentor training, or
other skills your team needs

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