Coaching – life and business

The life and business coaching programme is geared towards personal growth and development in your personal life or growth and development of your business. When you start your coaching process we work on identifying your goals and how to optimise them. A clear strategy and plan is made to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in your life.

Life and business coaching helps you to prioritise, set goals and unlock your natural strengths and skills to get the most out of life and business

Coaching is a short-term intervention with long-term impact.

There are a number of life coaching options:

Individual coaching sessions

Set any goal, focus on any area – personal, professional, relational. This is a 12-session coaching programme focussed on achieving 3 specific goals. Impactful and results driven.

Ad hoc coaching sessions

As life throws you its curve balls and challenge, ad hoc coaching sessions help to navigate these. Booked and used when you need them.

Group coaching sessions

Group sessions offer an opportunity for a group of individuals (groups / teams / families) to share personal and professional experiences and approaches to life, business and growth. Group sessions help people connect, iron out issues and facilitate the process.

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