Entrepreneurship Support Programme

Entrepreneurial development and support programme

The entrepreneurial development and support programme assists corporates with the management of entrepreneurs in their Enterprise Development Programme. The programme works side-by-side with the organisation to administer and manage the development of the chosen entrepreneur.

Starting a business can be daunting which is why this programme is so important. The support your elected entrepreneurs will receive gives them the space to thrive and ensures a successful investment.

This programme benefits corporates by facilitating a sponsor-beneficiary relationship. The relationship encourages opportunities for the entrepreneur to grow both personally and financially ensuring a fruitful venture for both parties.
This programme is open to all entrepreneurs who are building their business whether corporate sponsored or self-funded.

The programme covers

Small business basics workshop (optional)

The entrepreneurial development programme runs for four days. The programme covers a multitude of activities and the entrepreneur will be sure to walk away with the following outcomes:

  • A value statement
  • Business expectations
  • Business registration requirements (CIPC, types of business registrations, SARS etc.)
  • Financial overview for the first year
  • Break even analysis for the first year
  • Cash flow forecast for the first year
  • Branding and marketing requirements
  • The role online and digital marketing plays in your business
  • Bookkeeping
  • Operations for a small business
  • Sales for a small business
  • Developing a hiring / talent policy

Monthly group coaching sessions

Group coaching sessions will run over 10-months and will cover topics such as strategic management, basic accounting, financial management, people management, marketing, sales and operations management.

Online support portal

Once registered you will gain access to this portal which includes forums, online course material, templates and an online community and network.

Weekly emails and blogs

We regularly publish articles to enhance the entrepreneurs life experience and stimulate creative thinking.

Invitations and access to special events

We host online webinars, discussions and in-person events. Once registered, entrepreneurs will receive free access to all online events and discounts / free access to select events.

Ad hoc coaching sessions

Additional individual coaching sessions can be booked when necessary or needed and help address personal and professional challenges that are encountered in our daily lives.

Offer your entrepreneurs the opportunity to succeed!

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