Bursary Management

Bursary management and support programme

Our bursary management and support programme has been designed to develop our youth and create an opportunity for both youth and businesses alike. The programme promotes the ease of selection, administration, support, monitoring and evaluation of bursary programmes.

In the past, candidates have mostly received financial support but very little focus has been given to mental and emotional health support. This has resulted in delays in learning, stress, poor performance and dropout.

Our programme has been developed to support learners and students’ mental and emotional health producing qualified, employable, top performing candidates that companies will be happy to recruit.

Our programme supports in the following ways

Bursary management

Administration of the full bursary programme from application, selection, support programme, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting.


Paper-based selection from qualifying candidates, successful candidates will be invited to attend the 2-day selection programme. Click here to read more about our selection process.


All bursary candidates are signed up to the DUX student support programme offering:


An exciting 2-day programme preparing candidates for the leap from secondary to tertiary education.

DUX online student support

A 24-hour online support service via our website, WhatsApp support number, email, and telephonic support www.duxpd.co.za.

Holiday programme

We host a 4-day life skills building workshop focusing on essential skills necessary to build a successful life. Our 10/10 programme works on building emotional intelligence, thinking and personal growth skills.

Weekly emails and blogs

We regularly publish articles to enhance life experience and stimulate creative thinking.

Individual coaching sessions

Candidates will receive two individual coaching sessions during the 12-month programme.

Monthly check-in calls

We connect monthly with candidates to discuss their progress.

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