The Human Factor


The strength of a successful business and the potential of a developing business lies in its people.

People Dynamics provides personalised programmes for employee engagement and development by creating opportunities for enhanced connections within and between individuals and employers.

Businesses with high employee engagement perform increasingly better than those that don’t.

Employee engagement is vital to the ongoing success of a business. Developing a strong relationship with employers and employees is key to motivating individuals to produce work that reflects positively on an organisation’s reputation and interests.


There are three aspects that we identify as key influences to employee connection and engagement:

  • Involvement – High levels of involvement is proven to increase an employee’s performance and directly influences an individual’s feeling of empowerment.
  • Commitment – A committed employee performs better and is nearly 90% more certain to remain with the company.
  • Productivity – This is linked to the level of satisfaction an employee has. Engagement improves satisfaction, which in turn increases productivity.

A fundamental factor in harnessing an individual’s potential in his or her working environment lies in the satisfaction of that person in their position. There a number of driving factors behind engagement:

  • Career advancement opportunities – Is there opportunity for growth?
  • Clarity and perception of the role held – Does the employee understand the importance their role plays in the success of the business?
  • Working relationships – Does the employee have quality relationship with other individuals in the organisation?
  • The reward behind engagement – Are there added benefits for an employee to engage?

People Dynamics understands that employee connection and engagement can be a daunting task, but through our meticulous process we can provide you with employee engagement processes that capture the essence of satisfaction in the workplace.

We’ll help you connect with your employees to demonstrate the importance of each of their respective roles in your organisation and build their satisfaction. Strategies will be put into place to improve their involvement, commitment and productivity, creating a business structure that produces endless reward.