People Dynamics has experienced and created the opportunities for many successes through our people development programmes. As one of the best options for life and business coaching programs in South Africa, People Dynamics’ customised coaching and motivation training has been the coaching of choice for many incredible people over the years.

Read through some of our successes from businesses, students and individuals, all who have gone on to achieve great things.



The Trustees of the Peermont Education Trust would like to thank you for the recent holiday programme you held for the Trust Scholarship students.

The students sponsored by the Trust are all from township schools and although they are selected as top performers they are by no means ready for the challenges of tertiary education.

Through the workshops and your professional coaching the students are better able to cope with the rigours of university life, by assisting them to plan and strategise their study programme, cope with problems at home and giving them much needed confidence their chances of success increase radically.

The assistance that you offer gives the students much needed support and increases their ability to perform at their best. This enables the Trust to achieve a throughput rate of 85% which far surpasses the national throughput rate.

Your observations and input are highly valued and enable the Trust to offer a wholesome package to the young people of the community.

  • Jenny Findlay, Trust Manager


I came with expectations, goals were set and we got to work.  At the beginning of the workshop I was not too sure that I would achieve all these goals, be able to express myself, share personal information, improve myself overall, and learn about others and understand the diversity of being a unique individual – All these were achieved.

I learnt about planning, self-discipline, time management, relationships, self-awareness (confidence building) and more. Believe me it is worth participating in this and other similar programmes if you want to deal with your past and manage your emotions and other’s emotions well, if you want to be aware of your failures and do something about it to move on and improve from there and see yourself progress. This is a programme you don’t want to miss, it is worth it!

  • Dirontsho Skhosana, 5th year MBBCH, University of Witwatersrand


I LOVED IT! Every time I attend these workshops I learn something new.  I feel better prepared for life now that I have been exposed to the information provided in the workshops.  It provides one with tools to be a successful individual, to always aim at working harder and be a cut above the rest.

Furthermore, you also develop a burning desire to want to wake up, work and do better than you did yesterday. The tools you develop help you keep the fire burning.  The programme helps an individual to develop emotional intelligence, to never give up and improve communication and social skills.

  • Phumzile Lekgoathi, 3rd year Bsc Mechanical Engineering, University of Witwatersrand


I would like to thank you for the contribution you have made in my life.  These workshops are a gateway to self-discovery, I have learnt a lot and have renewed my mind set.  Emotional intelligence is key for me as an aspiring professional who will soon impact the corporate environment and society at large. I now have emotional and financial freedom.  Your services and guidance are highly appreciated.

  • Tumishang Makibelo, LLB Law 3rd year, University of Witwatersrand


The workshop/programme helped me to grow as a person.  I had an opportunity to interact with other students and share experiences, it is always encouraging and serves as motivation to hear that you are not alone in the challenges you face.  It improved my outlook on life and equipped me with strategies to survive emotionally, academically, financially, spiritually.  I also got the support I needed as a student and an individual.

  • Stene Ishmael, Actuarial Science 1st year, University of Witwatersrand


This programme has contributed a lot to my personal growth as a woman, in the sense that it helped me to love myself and taught me to let go of the past.  This helped me in creating a philosophy: shake it off, forgive yourself, make a decision not to remind yourself and promise yourself to do much better next time and most importantly, love yourself.

  • Thandeka Ngubeni, 3rd year N Dip Tourism Management, University of Johannesburg


This programme has built me in many ways – Academically, emotionally and self-management.  Today I am self-disciplined, I know how to prioritise and manage my time effectively and efficiently.  This programme has taught me that small things can lead to big things.  Engaging yourself in this programme is a definite must!

  • Tshiamo Peloehae, 3rd year B Com Economics and Econometrics, University of Johannesburg


The programme layout is pretty awesome.  I have gained a tremendous amount of information during this course that helped me a lot during my first year.  The programme helps you to understand the importance of time management and goal setting.  This programme helped me to perform more effectively in my first year than in matric year.

  • Andries Bingani, 1st year Bsc Physics, University of Witwatersrand


I would greatly encourage others to participate in the programme as I have repeatedly attended to develop my emotional intelligence and financial management skills through continued sharing of knowledge and experiences with students, professionals and our facilitators of the programme.

  • Bongumusa Mavuso, 4th year B Tech Chemical Engineering, Vaal University


I learnt a lot actually and discovered a lot about myself through this programme.  Reflecting back really helped me realise how far I have come and that I am still going strong. That is motivation on its own for me to continue persevering.

The programme made me aware of my feelings, emotions and how to handle them. I definitely advise other students to participate in similar programmes because sometimes we seem to focus on one aspect of our lives instead of looking at different realities of our lives.

  • Banele Mello, 1st year Bsc Electrical Engineering, University of Witwatersrand


The programme has made me realise the importance of doing what I love.  I have always been told that I make a bad career choices, but with all the self-esteem, trust and other development activities, I have gained even more confidence in myself and my craft.  The programme has also helped in terms of my emotional growth and being able to take care of my finances, discipline, as well as many other traits I’ll need in the future.

  • Senzo Radebe, 2nd year N Dip Musical Theatre, Tshwane University of Technology


After 4 years of not attending I became the person I was prior to attending the first workshop in 2010.  I went back to bottling things inside, self-esteem and self-confidence went down.  This year’s workshop has been a wonderful experience; it enabled me to open up to other people while being vulnerable, instil trust in other people and taught me to leave the past behind. It taught me to rather forgive and not hold onto what people have said to me in the past and not let it define who I am.

During this workshop I learnt the importance of reflecting back on the past, especially focusing on the moments filled with happiness and being proud of what has happened, as it helps moulds us. The last two years I lost the two most important people in my life, this programme helped me to open up about my feelings towards the loss and I believe that it lifted the weight off my shoulders.

  • Happy Nkambule, 5th year MBBGH, University of Witwatersrand


I have developed new skills that have changed me as a person.  I am now more aware of my surroundings, resources and the goals that I want to reach to get to where I want to be.  I feel more positive about myself and had an opportunity to reflect and focus more on the positive things in my life rather than on the negative, which I was previously doing.

I would highly recommend others to participate in this programme as they will grow as a person, discover new techniques and will be able to find the answers to the difficult questions in their lives.

  • Lenno Gabriel Naidoo, 2nd year Mechanical Engineering, University of Witwatersrand


The experience of this programme has been great and it always surpasses the expectations I have before attending.  I have gained quite a lot, especially from a self-awareness aspect of life.  I have learnt to deal with emotions in a better way, listen to others and I believe my capabilities of playing in a team has improved quite a lot.  I would actually encourage people to participate in such programmes because you don’t only grow yourself but you also help others grow.  You learn to appreciate yourself more and realise your capabilities emotionally.

  • Thabang Maepa, 2nd year Mining Engineering, University of -Witwatersrand


I truly underestimated the significance of creating a social life and expanding my relationships. But now I shall be committed to improving this area of my life.  With the social awareness and skills I have developed, I will be able to improve my communication and interaction with people. I encourage people to participate in similar programmes for growing emotionally and improving their life skills, especially students.

  • Ramosebetsi Keele, 2nd year Bcom Corporate Finance, University of Witwatersrand


I have learnt how to be disciplined and important life skills on time and money management. I have also realised things about myself that I did not know before, such as knowing which people you can trust and also knowing the people whom can help you in hard times.  I have learnt how to manage stress and ways to have fun. Important life skills that you don’t learn at school were taught and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  The life skills that I have learnt will improve my studies and just make me a better person.

  • Tshepo Mdluli, 1st year Civil Engineering, University of Witwatersrand


Working with People Dynamics have indeed been a dynamic experience, the value that they have added to team members in either individual or group coaching has seen much benefit, and those who have participated in the coaching programme have effectively applied the acquired knowledge/skill set to the organization which has been invaluable.

  • Nyiko and Anjoh

Business and Life

Working with People Dynamics was a great experience. The skills I learnt from participating in the facilitation programme really opened me up to new ways of thinking and interpretation of the world around me. Elaine and the team are an awesome group of people and really give their all to developing others. I would highly recommend People Dynamics and the services they offer.

 – Calvin Becker, Plantcentric

Business and Life

I have worked with People Dynamics as both an employee and as a business owner, and have found the coaching sessions incredibly valuable. Having experienced coaching with two different end goals, I found both to be effective, simple and the actions were manageable. Elaine is fantastic at what she does, and is truly invested in helping me achieve my goals. I feel I have grown in my personal capacity and as a business owner, and this has given me great confidence to go out there and achieve what I have envisioned for myself and my business.

For someone starting a new business, changing your approach or strategy, or just needing good, solid business coaching and guidance, I would highly recommend People Dynamics.

  • Kirstin van Heerden, Do Digital

Business and Life

I can’t even begin to thank Elaine and People Dynamics for her time, incredible knowledge and valuable guidance. My Life & Business Coaching sessions have been integral to the success of my business.

  • Veronica Swanepoel, Concept. Inc Graphic & Website Design