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About People Dynamics


People Dynamics was founded in 2002. For 18 years we have focused on creating spaces where people can access opportunities to develop their inner leader.  We do this through coaching and training. Based in Johannesburg and working with corporates and individuals alike, we have created a dynamic offering with impact driven methods, delivering results.

We are a Level 2 BBBEE Company.

Our values:






We have a team of highly trained coaches and facilitators. Our core values of growth mindset, service, integrity, authenticity, fun, creativity and excellence is evident in every team member.  While the team all have vastly different backgrounds, interests, and experiences, it is due to our diversity that we can connect, coach, meet clients’ needs and create impact.

The People Dynamics Team has over 40 years of collective experience in working, coaching and growing people.


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Meet the team

ELAINE THOMPSON - Founder / Managing Director


Founder / Managing Director

 Elaine’s background is psychology with a deep interest in people.  Her journey into what she currently does started with a psychology and sociology degree and then an Honours in clinical and counselling psychology (1997). She is a facilitator, coach, manager and friend. She founded People Dynamics in 2003 and has grown and developed the offering into what it is today.  Elaine is a certified Results Coach and a registered assessor and moderator.

Elaine has over 18 years’ experience in working with people in mental and emotional health, leadership development, soft skills, entrepreneur support and development, content design and development, facilitation and coaching.

Elaine loves seeing people feel that they are valued and to overcome their challenges.  Her belief is that the human spirit is amazing when you have the right support and team around you.

“A huge professional achievement is seeing our students, clients and entrepreneurs thriving.  Their success is our success.  On a personal front my greatest achievement is my beautiful girls and my marriage to my best friend.”

KATLEHO MOHONO - Partner / Executive Director


Partner / Executive Director

Katleho Mohono is a leadership development facilitator, coach and consultant with a passion for youth development and unlocking human potential. He has close to 10 years of experience in student leadership development, corporate education, organizational leadership and coaching. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Katleho is a founding member of the African Leadership University. Katleho was part of the pioneering team of ALX in Nairobi, Kenya, where he served as the Community Manager/Lead of ALX.

Katleho co-founded NiaDelta, and sits on the board of the Leadership Forum, a global leadership community.

PAT KEKANA - Partner / Director


Partner / Director

 Pat is a partner and director of People Dynamics and Dux powered by People Dynamics. Her focus in the team is managing the exciting projects and business development.

Pat is a mother, aunt, sister, friend, colleague. Her passion for people began with working within the NGO sector where she was exposed to working and development of people through emotional and mental wellness. In her years of working, she was able to expand her knowledge and skills through peer educators from different corporate organisations in the construction space as well as in the community.

Pat has 15 years working with people in the counselling (specialising in trauma debriefing), training, coaching and mentoring space. She is a qualified auxiliary social worker and registered assessor and facilitator.

“Being part of a person’s discovery of self, learning to love self, putting in measures to progress and grow, is a passion of mine that highly cherish and appreciate all of those that invite me as part of that journey.”

JENNY FINDLAY - Lead Facilitator / Coach


Lead Facilitator / Coach

With 20 years of experience in bursary management with the prestigious Peermont group, Jenny’s key focus has been assisting people to be the best that they can be and being able to achieve their goals as well as helping organisations and teams to run impactful projects.

Jenny is a coach, trainer, facilitator and project manager extraordinaire, willing to go the extra mile for clients. She loves seeing people grow and succeed in a holistic way, improving their own world and community.

Jenny is a wife, mother, grandmother and sister. In her experience of working for Life Line in the capacity of counsellor and fundraising director, she was able to add a myriad of skills to her arsenal.

“I have been privileged and honoured to witness young people from dire circumstances rise up and change their circumstances, with focus and determination. This work is my passion.”

Our coaching is more than a service.
It is a partnership in your success.
Your goals. In reach. Together.
People Dynamics Team

Our Track Record

People Dynamics believes in the potential of you. Our coaching is more than a service. It is a partnership in your success.

95% Satisfaction rate
90% Returning Customers
58 - Number of Projects Completed and Counting
4 500 + Number of Coaching hours
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