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Building Crucial Relationships in Your Business

People Dynamics | Your Professional Best Friend Programme

Even the shyest and most introverted entrepreneur will interact with numerous people as their business grows. Getting comfortable with meeting new people is a skill you need to master. Developing, managing, and nurturing strategic and loyal business relationships is crucial to your success.

Business Relationships You Need 

Some of the individuals you come across will have a positive impact, others not so much! There are four core friendships to aim for:

Your Coach 

Every entrepreneur needs a coach to help you develop your business in ways you cannot imagine.

The Japanese philosophy, Kaizen, refers to continuous improvement. Doing things you haven’t done before is the only way to grow. The entrepreneurial support offered by a business coach will prevent you from becoming complacent and push you outside of your comfort zone.

Your Customer 

I’ll bet the reason you started your enterprise was to help people in some way. Your unique talents fulfil a need the public has in a magical manifestation of service. You impact the world around you with your valuable purpose – but only if your prospective clients can find you.

Put yourself out there. Bring in the leads and buyers. Enjoy the satisfaction of changing their worlds. And never stop learning and growing alongside them.

To quote Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Your Crony 

This is your fellow entrepreneur bestie – who can relate to all the sh!t you encounter, celebrate your seemingly insignificant (to non-entrepreneur friends) victories, and support you when you need to destress or get some advice.

A good place to find a business-bestie is on Facebook groups, within your group of friends, and at entrepreneurial workshops.

Your Competition 

This may seem counter-intuitive, but at the very least, competitors help to authenticate your business.

Competitors can also be a valuable source of collaboration. A win-win situation occurs when a prospective client of yours needs something similar, but a little different, to what you offer, and you refer them to a competitor with whom you have a mutually beneficial relationship. The client feels respected + your credibility is boosted + you have paved the way for reciprocity.

Link up with competitors. Introduce yourself and your services. Uncover how you can work together.


Start building your relationships today. Start connecting. Start putting in the work. Remember why you started. The results are extraordinary when you genuinely connect with people.

Your goals, in reach together 

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