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What to Expect When You are Expecting… to Vote


You want a better life for yourself, your business, your kids, right? Don’t rely only on coaching – make your mark at the upcoming local government elections and demand an environment in which you can flourish.

Bad elections are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.”  JG Nathan

Why Should I Vote?

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Before Voting

Because this is a municipal election, you must vote where you are registered to vote. (It works differently in national and provincial elections like the one we had in 2019.) To find out where you are registered, contact the IEC.

Every voting station has large clear signs outside marking it as a voting station. As a voter you may wear party regalia, but you may not provoke others or take a weapon inside the boundaries of your voting station.

ONLY your green barcoded ID book, smart-card ID, or temporary ID certificate are accepted. No passports, drivers licences etc. The Department of Home Affairs is normally open for the duration of the election in case you lose your documents at the last minute. If possible, also take your own black pen.

It can take a while to get to the front, so take appropriate clothing and refreshments. Enjoy the queue as an exciting, optimistic experience.

During Voting

Either in the queue or at the door, an IEC official will come and scan your ID and give you a slip as confirmation you are at the right voting station.

The next step is checking you off the voters’ roll (which is alphabetical). Make sure they draw a line through your name.

An election official will then mark your left thumb nail with indelible* ink. (*Indelible does not come off, while inedible is not for eating!) Your ID will be stamped.

When given your ballot papers, check that they have been stamped on the back – otherwise they will not be counted. One is for the person, and one is for the party.

Go into your own booth and make your mark! (No one may ask you who you voted for, look to see who you voted for, or interfere in any way. Just a reminder – you are not allowed to photograph your marked ballot paper. So no selfies please!

Fold up your papers and drop them in the correct ballot boxes (which must be sealed).

After Voting

Leave the voting station with your head held high, knowing you have played a part in making a difference in your community. Voting is democracy in action.

Don’t be disappointed if your candidate does not win. Elections go faaaaar deeper than that. The next municipal election will be in four years and the next national/provincial election will be in just two years!

Tip: Be nice to the IEC team. They have three incredibly long days.

Your Goals in Reach

For a brighter future, People Dynamics and Dux can coach YOU to success. For the country, it’s your call to “coach” the politicians to our success.

Contact us for more information on coaching and how to develop yourself or your team. Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Entrepreneur Development, Employee Support and Wellness.

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