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Why finishing 2020 off strong is important?

Finally, we are in our third quarter of 2020 and boy oh boy, it has been its own kind of crazy. Remember all those new year’s resolutions you made in January. Yeah about those, it is time to follow up. Is your planner still wrapped in plastic? Don’t worry, I get you. But what if you could cross off a few of those resolutions now?

2020 was a rollercoaster that no one was expecting. From bushfires to storms. Then COVID-19 hit us like a solid brick and changed the world. The life of entrepreneurs definitely took a huge turn. As a first-time entrepreneur, owning your own business or the possibility of reimagining your business just never materialised. Who knew Zoom and social media would become our new friend, not to mention a new appreciation for sanitiser stands and thermometers.

What does finishing 2020 off strong look like for you?

Have you ever run a relay? What happens towards the final stretch before you pass the baton? Do you slow down, get distracted and want to give up? No, you run faster, focus intensely and give all your energy to make sure you finish strong. It is time to grab the baton and head straight for the finish line.

Finishing 2020 off strong will be different for many of us. It could be getting on your feet and meeting your budget, improving your enterprise development, or maybe just finishing the year off with a smile. I just want to get through 2020 with a cup of coffee and surviving my very special family! What do you need to do to finish strong?

Three things you can start, stop, or continue doing in the final stretch of 2020? 

First things first, you need to be clear on how you would like to finish 2020 and create a plan that allows you to complete your goals. Let today be the start of something new.

Get into action and never look back. I know 2020 has been different, but you have got enough time to finish off strong. Part of finishing strong is planning for 2021 so you can start strong. Stop looking back, you are not going in that direction.

You are reading this because you are committed to finishing 2020 off strong with determination and willingness. Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

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