09 Jul

Being Alive is a Calling

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Being alive is a calling; under-living each day is simply cheating the One who called you. Be the faithful one and fully commit each day and make it worth the call by fully apply yourself each day!

To apply oneself on a particular course is no automatic reaction resulting from the intake of breath. We all are not always looking forward to a new day, there are mornings we wake up wishing we never existed. Even the jolliest persons have these days, you are not alone. Among other factors, what sets progressing individuals apart is commitment and persistence.

Commitment and persistence have little to do with emotions. One needs to be alert of what has been provided, in this insistence is life each day, and deliberately purpose on what they want to see come out of it. The end goal is no magnetic field, one has to push against all odds and that calls for commitment and persistence – doing it regardless of the feeling of the day.  Do you and do it right, be alive.


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