People Dynamics proudly launched our Student Support and Development programme, Dux, on Wednesday 23 November 2016.

People Dynamics is proud to be launching our Student Support and Development programme, Dux.


The launch of Dux will take place on Wednesday 23 November 2016 in Johannesburg, where guests will hear from Alumni, current students and companies, about this incredibly powerful and effective youth support and development programme. 

Ready. Set. Focus on your goals.

You know where you want to be in five years. You have given some thought to the progress you would like to make in your personal and professional life this year but you have not taken the time to write your goals down, possibly because you do not believe in New Year’s resolutions. Good news! It is February and you can still set achievable goals for 2016! Technically it is not a new year’s resolution.... but a perfect time to get focused.


Year end is looming and along with the longer hours required to meet deadlines, perspective is lost on the amount of focus and dedication needed to perform our duties.
Getting motivated to go to work in the morning is difficult because even though getting paid is still a great incentive, the passion to perform your work best starts to trickle.  Sitting down to get things done is also almost always interrupted by hundreds of other things that need your attention.

Many young people experience feelings of being under pressure when exam time comes around.  This is normally experienced during revision periods or before the exams start and although a good amount of pressure can be motivating, the continuous pressure over long periods of time can be stressful and difficult to deal with.

Taking the leap into adulthood starts off with one of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself, “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”

“Be a Voice and not an Echo” – Albert Einstein. This being one of my favourite quotes and one which I feel is so pertinent to young people. For me it’s the energy, passion, drive and creativity of young people which excites me so. Welcome to Next Generation, I look forward to journeying forward with you.


No matter what you do, who you are and where you find yourself, GRIT will ensure you realise your goals.

My vision for working with young people has always been to provide a place of support, an environment that motivates and encourages you to keep going, especially during tough times when the GRIT runs low.

Welcome to Next Generation – the programme that will stand by you, work with you and celebrate your successes!


Being alive is a calling; under-living each day is simply cheating the One who called you. Be the faithful one and fully commit each day and make it worth the call by fully apply yourself each day!

To apply oneself on a particular course is no automatic reaction resulting from the intake of breath. We all are not always looking forward to a new day, there are mornings we wake up wishing we never existed. Even the jolliest persons have these days, you are not alone. Among other factors, what sets progressing individuals apart is commitment and persistence.

Commitment and persistence have little to do with emotions. One needs to be alert of what has been provided, in this insistence is life each day, and deliberately purpose on what they want to see come out of it. The end goal is no magnetic field, one has to push against all odds and that calls for commitment and persistence – doing it regardless of the feeling of the day.  Do you and do it right, be alive.


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