Meet the team

Our People Development Team


Meet the People Dynamics people development team.


These are the individuals behind our current success, each playing an invaluable role in the specialised people development offering we provide.


They Include:

Elaine Thompson

people dynamics elaine thompson team

Designation: Business Owner



  • BA Degree - Psychology and Sociology
  • BA Honors Degree - Clinical, Counselling and Sports Psychology        
  • ETDP SETA Qualified
  • Services SETA registered
  • Results Coaching Systems - ICT

Areas of Expertise:

  • Lead Trainer and Facilitator
  • Consultant
  • Coach
  • Design and Development – training material
  • Leadership and management


As a facilitator and coach I have, together with my clients, achieved excellent results in training, facilitation and coaching for business, executives and individuals looking for personal development and growth. 


I am focused on people development excellence, tapping into potential and taking intentional action to achieve goals - I walk your journey with you and support you in achieving your goals.


Colleen Becker

people dynamics colleen becker team

Designation: Facilitator/Coach



  • International Computer Driving License
  • Assessor – registered with MICT Seta
  • Facilitator – registered with ETDP Seta
  • Stage 1 Coach for Results Coaching Systems. Working towards Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Areas of Expertise:

  • Adult Education
  • Computer Training
  • Softskills Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Software development


I started off as a trainee computer programmer in 1979. At that stage there were not too many people in the IT industry and my first program was done on punch cards!! As well as software development, I was also involved in the training and mentoring of new trainees together with product and technical training of clients.


In 2006, I started working in Adult Education. I trained delegates in Computer Literacy, all MS Office Applications as well as Soft skills Training. I started coaching / mentoring in 2012.

Odwa Ngxingo

people dynamics odwa derrick team

Designation: Management Consultant/ Facilitator



  • Economics & Econometrics
  • Trained Facilitator

Areas of Expertise:

  • Research
  • Data analysis
  • Economics
  • Facilitation and training
  • Life Style Peer Educator


After graduating from the University of Johannesburg, I started off as the Peermont Education Trust manager’s assistant. It was during that period when I was recruited into the facilitation and training space, doing part time facilitation with Dynamic Interventions (now People Dynamics). Also on the side I volunteered as a contributor columnist for two - then new local magazines named Bread of Life Magazine and Zoe Magazine.  


Thereafter I then scored an internship at a consulting firm called Resolve Group, after which I went on to work for Ernst & Young as an intern/contracted junior which is where I am currently employed as a management consultant.

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